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For more information point your browser to the How Humans Evolved page at the W.W. Norton web site.

Joan Silk and I have coauthored a textbook entitled How Humans Evolvedwhich is designed for use in introductory classes in human evolution and biological anthropology. This text differs from others in several ways:


  • A more thorough treatment of evolutionary theory, including discussions of the evolution of quantitative characters, kin selection, sexual selection, life history evolution, and parent offspring conflict.

  • A modern behavioral-ecological discussion of primate behavior.

  • An extensive treatment of evolutionary psychology and human behavioral ecology.


The 9th edition is now available. It has in collaboration with Kevin Langergraber we have updated, and improved much of the material on genetics. The new material includes:


  • Revised section on primate social organization

  • New treatment of primate locomotion

  • Updated and expanded coverage of ancient DNA

  • Revised material on human variation and race

  • Expanded treatment of very early Homo sapiens in East Asia and Europe










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